Researching the Adirondacks
Adirondack ExplorerA non-profit news magazine devoted to the preservation and enjoyment of the Adirondack Park. Some information is available online, but the library has full text back to 1998 in the periodical section of the library. The “It’s Debatable” column shows two viewpoints on current controversies.

The Adirodack Almanack: This is the Adirondack Explorer’s online news journal. It's a great resource for current events and controveries. The “Local Politics” tab could be especially useful.

Adirondack Life: This is a general resource about the Adirondacks. Recent articles are available online and the library has full-text in print back to 1970 in the periodical section.

Adirondac: Notice the spelling. Located in the periodical section of the library, this is a great resource for articles on environmental issues, conservation, and recreation. It is not indexed, so you will need to search issues individually.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise: The only daily newspaper published in the Adirondack Park, and it’s based right out of Saranac Lake. A place to start is the "Opinions" tab on the front page. This is where you’ll find editorials and letters to the editor. The newspaper also has recent stories available on the website. For older information, check out the NNYLN Historic Newspapers.
History of the Adirondacks by Alfred Donaldson: This book is on reserve at the Information Desk in the library. It has great coverage of early history and general topics, but it was published in the 1920s so some information is out of date. It has a very useful index. Read of online version here.

Contested Terrain by Philip Terrie: This book is located in the stacks of the library (call # 974.75 T). It is an excellent source for recent history of the Adirondacks. It focuses a lot on the tenstion between locals and summer residents. 

Franklin County Historical Review: Located in the stacks (call # 974.755 F), this book provides good coverage of local history, events, and families written by local authors. There is no index.

Adirodack Bibliography: This one is on reserve at the Information Desk. It's a essential resource for pre-1965 Adirondack resources. It references loads of other interesting resources, which we may have in the collection or can request from another library through InterLibrary Loan.

New York Heritage Digital Collections:This site, run by the Northern New York Library Network, has full-text articles from local newspapers, photographs, oral histories, pamphlets, and musical scores from the 1800s until the present day. 

North Country Public Radio (NCPR): The local public radio station often publishes online versions of their on-air stories.


Search Tips
A few useful tips for searching web content suggested on this page:

Utilize tags. If a website tags their stories with keywords, you can use them to help narrow or broaden your search without having to navigate a website’s (often cranky) search box. Tags are usually found at the bottom of articles and appear as links.

Embedded search boxes. Most websites have embedded search boxes that search only that site’s content. They are usually located in the upper right of the screen, and they can save you lots of time from browsing.

Leverage Google. It sounds strange, but Google is often a quick and easy back door into searching a particular website. Google is extremely efficient at indexing the open web. Where a site’s embedded search engine can’t go, Google navigates with ease. Here’s the hack: In the Google search box type type “site:”, add the website URL, and your search terms. For example:

What results is a list of places on that website that contain the words you want and nothing else. Pretty neat! Notice there’s no space between the website URL and the site: . It won’t work if you put a space in there.
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