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Draft Horse Resources

Draft Horse Program at Paul Smith's College

Draft horses have been present at Paul Smith’s since it was bought as a wilderness resort in the 1850s. Their role has evolved as the requirements of Paul Smith’s has- from transportation and logging for the resort, to educational opportunities as the college was established. This guide will provide resources for learning more about the history of the PSC draft horse program and its position in the world today.

Our program in the news and social media. Learn about our students, pasture, horse barn, events, program coordinator and the stars of the show: Dana and Dodge.

About Dana and Dodge

Today at PSC we house two Haflinger draft ponies- Dana and Dodge. They are used in our draft horse management course, for draft horse club opportunities, and for any PSC event that requests additional modes of transportation or entertainment. 

Dana is 17 years old, stands just under 14 hands and is around 900 lbs, she has minimal face markings, but her coat dapples out in the summer. She is the fiery leader of the two, much closer aligned with her pony attitude than the draft side. Dana has a short, quick, bouncy step and likes to throw her head around while we drive. She loves scratches and will consume treats of any kind (even pizza crust!).

Dodge is 14 years old, stands just above 14 hands, sits around 1,000 lbs, and has a large white blaze that takes up most of his face. He has a draftier attitude, is very laid back and easygoing. As a follower, he sometimes struggles to use his brain to work through situations, but with the leadership of Dana or the teamster, can work through almost anything. He has a longer, relaxed step, and works with his head down like most drafts. He enjoys scratches, but is less excitable when it comes to treats.